About Us

Cocoon House LLC designs, imports and wholesales fine silk women's accessories. Our specialties include silk scarves, silk tops and kimono jackets. We understand the importance of quality fabric and unique designs to make beautiful clothing. We partner with factory coops which provide their workers good working conditions and fair wages. Together, with our nationwide network of representatives, we market and fulfill orders for large retailers and small boutiques. We encourage retail customers to shop for Cocoon House products at their local retailer. We are able to accommodate retail orders when a local retailer is not available. Please note that all retail sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be given.

In addition to our flagship Cocoon House label, we also do custom printing and private labeling of our products. Our digital textile printing makes it easy to produce custom garments. Customers can choose to have their own designs or images or can select from many of our own designs. We can produce custom styles using our luxurious silk or a variety of other fabrics.

Cocoon House strives to be a leader in developing unique designs and styles, and to use innovative processes to provide beautiful, high quality products to our customers efficiently and economically.